When There’s Problems With Work, Speak To An Employment Lawyer In Lafayette LA

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Lawyers

Problems at work could involve discrimination, harassment, workplace safety concerns, workers’ compensation claims and much more. Having problems at work can be very unsettling to an employee who is concerned they will be terminated. Workers that are injured on the job will often hide and injury for fear of retaliation by the employer and possible termination. An employer has various laws they are required to follow whenever an employee is injured at work. No employee should ever be afraid to notify their employer they’ve been injured on the job. When this type of situation occurs or an employee denies a workers’ compensation claim, they should contact an Employment Lawyer in Lafayette LA.

An employer is required to ensure an employee’s workplace is safe. These regulations are determined through the Occupational Safety and Health Act, also known as OSHA. Workers that are concerned about safety on the job can file a complaint with OSHA. The employer is not permitted to discriminate against the worker filing the complaint in any way. Although this is a law, employers will attempt to make an employee’s life as difficult as possible at work and may fire them. This is against the law and why an Employment Lawyer in Lafayette LA should be contacted.

An employee that is injured on the job should be covered by a workers’ compensation program. This type of compensation supplies payment of medical bills and wages when the employee is unable to work. All employers are required to carry this type of insurance on their workers. Although workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance coverage, employers will make every attempt possible to prohibit paying on a workers’ compensation claim. The main reason they do this is to keep their premiums as low as possible for the business. In some cases, the insurance company will attempt to refuse payment on a claim. Whether it’s an employer or the insurance company, an injured worker should immediately contact a knowledgeable attorney when they’ve been hurt. Failure to meet the necessary guidelines could void their opportunity to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

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