If a person has been injured due to an accident that was the result of an unsafe condition on another person’s property, they may be entitled to monetary compensation. This is especially true if the injury resulted in time lost at work and medical bills. However, it can be overwhelming to pursue this type of incident without the help of a quality premises liability lawyer in Carlisle. Some of the reasons to hire legal representation in these situations can be found here.

They Will Investigate the Accident

One of the primary responsibilities of the Premises Liability Lawyer in Carlisle hires is to begin gathering evidence that shows exactly what happened in the accident. This will allow them to establish who is actually at fault. A quality attorney will have conducted a number of similar investigations in the past, which means they will know what type of evidence is needed to prove the case. The lawyer will also have access to countless experts who will be able to assist with the claim. During the investigation process, the lawyer will oversee the gathering of the following information:

  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Property records
  • Witness statements
  • Medical bills and records
  • Accident records including videos and photos

Settlement Negotiations

After the initial investigation and evidence gathering is complete, the lawyer will create a settlement demand to give to the property owner’s insurance company. This will outline what happened and the injuries that their client suffered due to the negligence of the property owner. The insurance company will likely require documentation and create a case that will minimize what they have to pay. The goal of the lawyer will be to get their client the most possible for the situation. This may require several months of negotiations.

Even though these cases can take some time to resolve, having a lawyer fight and negotiate on the victim’s behalf is the best course of action. They will work tirelessly to help the victim recover compensation to cover what was lost. If a person needs more information about hiring a premises liability attorney, they can contact the staff at Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP.