Thousands of Americans are arrested and held in jail until their trial comes around. This takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months away from defendants’ real lives. Prevent this from happening to you by understanding what a jail bond Atlanta is and how it works.

Are Bails and Bonds One in the Same?

Don’t get it twisted – even though they’re used together in a phrase, bail bonding – bail and bond are two different things. After you have been arrested, most judges will work with you and give you a chance to get out of jail until trial by posting bail, or an amount of money that the jurisdiction’s court keeps until the trial process is done. Bond, on the other hand, refers to bail except when it is posted by someone else that is not you.

Know Who Can Pay Jail Bonds

In practice, people manage to post bail in a number of ways. The most popular is that of bail bonding, whereby the defendant contacts a bail bonding company, the bondsmen show up to the jail, and the defendant signs up for a surety bond himself. Other times, people other than the defendant get bail bondsmen to help.

Do Bonding Fees Get Returned?

Defendants are only refunded their bail after completing their trial successfully and not breaking any rules or requirements. If they bonded out, however, they’re not getting a dime back.

We Really Do Want to Help

Here at Free at Last Bail Bonds of the greater Atlanta area, we’re prepared to satisfy the requirements of any jail bond. When you need an experienced bail bondsman, we are available to provide 24 hour jail bond in Atlanta. Click here for more information.