When a person is charged with a theft crime, bail could already be preset or a judge may have to set the bail, depending on the severity of the theft. When the judge sets the amount of bail, if the defendant cannot pay, there is the option to get help from a bail bonds agency who will secure the bond for the defendant. The bail bonds agency will charge the defendant a fee, usually 10 percent, which is for the convenience the agency affords the defendant. A bail bonds agency helps defendants with Theft Crime Bail Bonds in Winter Haven.

What to Know about the Requirements of Bail Bonds Agencies

In addition to paying the fee for the agency’s services, the bail bonds agency may require the defendant to put up collateral. Collateral that is usually accepted are things of high value such as a house, expensive jewelry, a boat, or stocks. As long as the defendant shows up to all the scheduled court appearances, the collateral will be safe. If the defendant does not show up to all scheduled court appearances, the collateral is in jeopardy.

Why Call a Bail Bonds Agency

Bail bonds agencies generally have established good rapport with the members of the court and the police station. Their presence and willingness to offer financial backing to a defendant will help a judge to be more lenient with the defendant with the bail amount. The paperwork that is required for getting out of jail until the time of the court hearing can be complex, but bail bonds agencies have much experience in getting the forms completed. The defendant can rely upon the agency’s professional knowledge to get them through the process smoothly.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency’s Help

It can be fairly easy to get a bail bonds agency to help a defendant, regardless of the person’s credit history. Zona Long Bail Bonds helps defendants get out of jail until their court hearing. If a defendant needs to call an agency for Theft Crime Bail Bonds in Winter Haven, the agency is available. The agency may also be able to help defendants speak to Criminal Defense Attorneys Winter Haven.