A Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX Allows Defendants to Be Released From Jail

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX allows men and women who have been arrested to be released before trial. Paying cash bail is another option, but many people cannot afford the amount so they pay a percentage fee for a bond instead. A judge may find reasons to set bail relatively high, even for nonviolent offenses.

When Bail Is Set High

In some instances, high bail set for a nonviolent crime may make sense. For example, a person with multiple convictions of driving under the influence may have caused a serious accident with this most recent offense. A judge may set bail high to prevent this person from getting behind the wheel again before trial, since driver’s license suspension has not succeeded.

However, many people charged with nonviolent crimes have not done anything with the potential to harm someone else. Possession of a small amount of cocaine or heroin in Texas, for example, is a felony. A conviction of this charge can lead to a two-year prison term. A tough-on-drugs judge might set bail too high for the defendant to afford. This person may be able to obtain a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX with the help of a friend or relative and be released fairly quickly.

Changes in Bail Systems

Not all Texas jurisdictions have this type of bail system any longer. Harris County to the south, for instance, did away with its automatic bail schedule at the beginning of 2019. Except for specific circumstances, courts are directed to learn the defendant’s income level and determine an alternative to bail if this person cannot pay. That is not the case in Smith County, however, where the city of Tyler is located.

Release From Jail

Once an arrangement has been made with an organization like Strike Three Bonds, the defendant is released from jail and can stay free until the case ends. The person loses this opportunity if he or she gets into further legal trouble or skips a required court appearance. The case may never go to trial, as it may end with the dropping of charges, dismissal of the case, or a plea bargain with the prosecution. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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