Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be a time for happiness and appreciation, but it poses a variety of problems. Crime tends to spike on holidays, for instance. Someone who has not committed any crime will be shocked to find law enforcement officials at the door, ready to make an arrest on some type of inaccurate evidence. Criminal lawyers in Geneva, IL are ready to assist the person who is facing criminal charges, not to mention spending the holiday weekend in jail.

Reasons for Theft Rate Increases

Criminal lawyers in Geneva, IL know that crime rates increase between mid-November and Christmas. Police officers are diligent about tracking down thieves who have stolen items from stores, residences and other settings.

Theft is more common at this time of year. People with little to no money struggle to give presents to loved ones or put extra food on the table for a holiday meal. They may steal cash if they can get it or shoplift items that would be suitable gifts. Individuals who are not acting out of misguided generosity burglarize homes that are empty because their residents are traveling over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Professional Thieves

There also are thieves who might be considered professionals working the retail angle. Shoplifting increases by some 30% in the month before Christmas, according to statistics. Electronics, jewelry and higher-end fashion items are in great demand.

Thieves can sell electronics on the black market and items without serial numbers on auction websites and other sites where the general public can buy and sell goods. Some swipe gift cards off the rack and sell them to trusting buyers who are left with worthless cards that were never activated.

Domestic Violence

Sadly, domestic violence incidents are also more common during family-oriented holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Alcohol is often a factor, worsening stressful situations connected with problematic relationships and financial issues.

Concluding Thoughts

People who need legal representation after being arrested for a crime related to the holiday season can contact an organization such as The Cosentino Law Firm, LLC for help. and they are ready to provide aggressive legal defense to all clients who hire them.