Although dogs are generally friendly and do not harm others, they can sometimes attack for no known reason. Frequently, a dog attack is the result of a negligent owner. If a dog has attacked a person, the victim can hire a dog bite lawyer in Lancaster. The attorney can help an injured victim hold the dog owner responsible for their measurable damages. Many of these lawyers offer free consultation appointments so it is less stressful to get started.

Although a person may not necessarily need a lawyer if their attack was not a severe one and their injuries were minor, severe injuries that result in scarring may require legal intervention so the dog owner is held responsible. Trying to deal with an insurance company or making demands of an owner alone can be intimidating for most victims. When a person hires a lawyer they will:

  • Work with investigators to gather evidence
  • Uncover any dangerous habits the dog had
  • Prove the dog was not detained when the victim was bitten
  • Work with industry professionals to help prove the claim
  • Cover any upfront costs a victim may face
  • Answer the many questions injured victims have
  • Pursue the owner’s insurance company
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Pursue a trial if necessary
  • Represent the victim through the entire process and protect their rights and best interests.

Dog bites are often covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, but it can be difficult to pursue a fair settlement claim. If the lawyer feels the insurance company is being unfair and trying to offer too low a settlement, they may decide to pursue the claim in court. While trials can often be lengthy, they can sometimes allow victims to end up being awarded a fairer settlement.

If you have been viciously attacked by a dog, it is vital you exercise your rights and hire a dog bite lawyer in Lancaster. If you are in need of further information or would like to schedule a consultation appointment, contact us. A consultation appointment allows you to learn more about your legal recourse so you can pursue the best means of getting a fair outcome.