Reviewing Child Custody Laws With A Family Law Lawyer In Rochester, MN

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, parenting plans are a requirement for all divorces involving children. The arrangements are utilized to give parents equal time with their children when possible. The orders help maintain bonds between the parents and the children. A Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN helps parents review child custody laws and create appropriate plans.

Setting Up a Parenting Plan

The court allows the parents to create their own parenting plan in the divorce agreement. Couples who agree to the terms won’t need any court intervention. There isn’t a standard plan issued by the court. The parents must identify the type of custody they prefer. All visitation rights are enforced through the plans based on the custody type.

Are There Provisions for Parenting Plans?

Yes, each parent must provide prior notification if they aren’t able to pick up their child during their parenting time. The provision defines a 24-hour window to provide the notification. Custodial parents who want to change visitation for special events need permission from the noncustodial parent. Any denial of visitation presents a right to take legal action. The court won’t allow a denial of parenting time due to late child support payments.

What Rights Do Grandparents Have?

Minnesota laws enable grandparents to file a motion for visitation. Unless the grandparents present a risk to the child, they retain rights to parenting time. The parents must set up an appropriate time for visitation with grandparents.

What Happens if the Parents Can’t Agree on a Plan?

The parents have the option to participate in mediation to reach an agreement. If the measures fail, the court schedules a child custody hearing. The judge makes a final determination at the end of the hearing. The custody type and parenting time are assigned accordingly. Child support payments are also included in the final judgment.

In Minnesota, divorcing couples must make choices about child custody. Their choices affect the child directly and determine if difficulties emerge later in the child’s life. Judges also make determinations about custody when a hearing is required. Parents who want to review their rights contact a Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN through Rolsch Law Offices right now.

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