The Importance Of Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Legal Services

In Dubai, as well as the other Emirates, being charged with a criminal offense is a very serious matter. As in all areas of the world, retaining a top criminal attorney with a recognized law firm should be a top priority for the individual or the family.

Criminal law charges in Dubai often carry very significant penalties. This is true for UAE nationals as well as for foreign investors, workers or travelers. Common criminal charges faced by individuals from the country and those here on visas include drug abuse or drug offenses, the internet and cyber crimes, assault, and robbery or extradition to other countries.

What to Consider

While it may be tempting to choose a law firm and a criminal lawyer based on name recognition, it is more prudent to research the firm and the attorney and find a match that is right for your case. Not all top attorneys spend a considerable amount of the firm’s budget on advertising. Instead, they allow their professionalism and expertise speak for itself.

Make sure that any attorney selected is qualified to handle the case. This includes having experience and expertise in criminal law and the Dubai court system. It is also very beneficial to your case if the attorney has a background of working with the Prosecutors, investigators and the experts appointed by the court.


Larger firms are able to offer more resources for your cases, which is an essential component of mounting a defense. Smaller firms or single attorneys have limited resources and may already have a full case load, limiting the amount of time and expertise that can be put forward for your case.

While fees and costs of defense may be a consideration, it should not be your primary reason for choosing criminal lawyers in Dubai. Most of the top firms are highly competitive in their fees while offering the best possible legal counsel.

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