Fight a DWI Case with an Attorney in Rockwall, TX

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Attorneys

A criminal record can close a lot of doors that would otherwise be opportunities for a person today. Some jobs may be out of reach simply due to a blemish when the employer orders a report. Some landlords may also be hesitant to rent apartments to people who have been in trouble with the law. For those who aren’t already married, a conviction could also make it harder to find a life partner. It’s very easy for the average person to acquire this information today, and many will not hesitate to use it to weed out people who they determine to be undesirable based solely on the information in their criminal record.

Instead of just accepting whatever the judge decides and living with the consequences of a DWI conviction, anyone charged with this offense should seek counsel from an attorney in Rockwall, TX. Hiring an attorney for a drunk driving case is almost always better than the accused representing themselves. The court process is very detailed and without knowledge of all the rules, a defendant can easily lose their driver’s license, get convicted, and suffer the consequences of that conviction for the rest of their lives.

Every person accused of a DWI offense will automatically lose their license if they don’t request a hearing within 15 days. With all the stress the new charges tend to bring, many people forget about this deadline. Having an attorney in Rockwall, TX could ensure the case is heard, and the defendant has the opportunity to save their driving privileges and, potentially, their job while they fight the criminal charge.

One of the first things a person who has been accused of driving while intoxicated should do after they get over the initial shock of their arrest is to get in touch with the law offices of Tim Hartley. Having an experienced DWI attorney by their side might help them understand what’s going on at every stage of the case and have the best chances of having the charges dismissed or reduced. Click here to get in touch with this skilled legal team and start working on your case.

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