Notary services in Kaufman, TX are provided through a variety of service providers. Criminal defendants who need to secure a bail bond need notary services, too. All documents required to release the defendant from the county jail require a notary to officiate them.

Avoiding Personal Interests

According to the law, the notary public isn’t allowed to sign any documents where they have a personal interest. If the client is a family member or if the notary receives any profits from the documents, then they must direct the signer to another notary.

Reviewing the Terms of the Document

Notary publics assist clients and help them review the terms of all documents they sign. The notary sits with the signer and explains each term identified in the contract. The steps help the client and the notary avoid fraud and misleading verbiage that could have serious legal repercussions in the future.

Do Notaries Provide Legal Services?

No, notary publics aren’t attorneys and aren’t allowed to give clients any legal assistance. The only services that the notary provides are officiating the legal documents and ensuring that the signer understands what they are signing. Otherwise, the notary doesn’t provide legal advice or services. They might recommend that the signer have their attorney review the document before it is signed. The process prevents the signer from agreeing to unethical terms of which they aren’t aware.

Accepting Identification from Signers

Notary publics review the identification offered by all signers. The only acceptable identification includes state driver’s licenses, state IDs, military IDs, and passports. The notary compares the information on the identification to the details on the legal document. The verification process takes just a few minutes to complete.

In Texas, notary services are vital in order to obtain officiating legal documents and contracts. The service provider manages legal documents for divorces, bail bonds, and businesses. The law prohibits the notary from signing any documents which they have any personal interests in or receive profits for. Clients who need notary services in Kaufman, TX can contact AAA Bail Bonds right now.