After hiring a personal injury lawyer in Rockford, IL, the accident victim must be careful to avoid certain activities that could compromise the case. If this individual isn’t sure which activities could undermine credibility, he or she should ask the lawyer for advice. Attorneys sometimes are dismayed when a client does something that makes obtaining a reasonable settlement significantly more difficult.

Being Deceitful

It’s crucial not to lie on legal documentation or during a deposition. Although the injured person may feel certain that nobody could ever find out, the defendant’s legal team might have savvy investigators who know how to uncover falsehoods. Sometimes there are legal consequences. Lying on an affidavit or during a deposition could lead to perjury charges.

Missing Healthcare Appointments

Missing medical and physical therapy appointments leads insurance representatives to doubt the severity of the injuries. In addition, these sessions allow healthcare workers to document the patient’s condition and progress. A personal injury lawyer in Rockford, IL urges clients to never miss these appointments, at least without rescheduling for the earliest possible date.

Posting on Social Media

The lawyer may recommend not posting on social media until the client receives a settlement. The defendant’s attorneys may search for evidence to dispute the severity of the person’s injuries. A photo of this individual simply walking in the woods or swimming in a backyard pool could seem questionable to the insurer. It’s best to forbid anyone from taking pictures of the person that could end up on social media.

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